create every day

god designed man to create for 16 hours a day,consume for 2 hours,and sleep for 6 hours.
thats our natural rhythm

modern man works for 8 hours a day,consumes for 8 hours,and sleeps for 8 hours,and creates for 0 hours.

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  1. Megg says:

    Great post! Yes this is completely true. It feels GREAT to create for 16 hours a day, I’ve never done it for 16 hours straight in my life, the most I’ve probably done was create for 3 hours straight at one time.

    Right on about the sleep for 6 hours a day, it’s proven that under 8 hours is healthier than over 8 hours.

    You have a great website here by the way, great website, keep up the good work.

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